AcuEssence logoIST Inner space techniques are a collection of healing and therapeutic techniques utilised in a meditative state.

ISIS is a core technique to know yourself deeply. Inner Space Interactive Sourcing [ISIS] was developed by Samuel Sagan, M.D. during the 1980s. Practised lying down, its purpose is self knowledge and seeing the reality of your life with clarity. By releasing the roots of your emotional blockages, recurring patterns and conditioned behaviour, you can be left feeling lighter and freer.

It hacedric-laberinto_chartress be to experienced to be comprehended. ISIS brings major releases of latent emotional charges, and profound spiritual realisations – for many clients, a new start.

A labyrinth is symbolic of ISIS as it is evocative of the inner world and the journey to enlightenment. It alludes to the wisdom within taking you inwards, forwards and at tangents to the centre to help you find your way.

Under normal circumstances, the human system has efficient protection mechanisms against foreign energies or entities. Through shock, traumas, bereavement, major illness, general anaesthetics, or childbirth, there can be a breach in the system and new complications may appear. When such a situation occurs, get in contact with us for a clearing.

How can I prepare for treatment?

To optimise the effect of a treatment it is inadvisable to eat a heavy meal beforehand. This is so that the body’s resources are not otherwise engaged with digestion.
Please make a note of the name and dosage of any prescribed or over the counter medication, supplements or natural remedies that you are currently taking and bring these details to your appointment.

What should I wear?Spiritual beings coming to a child skipping
ISIS consultations are performed fully clothed so just dress comfortably.