Inside Yourself


SunSparkThe Sun looked down and saw ‘Fiore the flame’ looked sad…

“Oh ‘Fiore the flame’, why so blue?”


“Life sucks and blows. Grrr… I feel gibberly, I don’t know what to do.”

“What have you tried?” the Sun enquired.


“I’ve been so busy doing things to feel good. Drinking Dom Perignon, partying til dawn, eating but I still feel empty. Shopping, travelling, running, running, running … It has become a blur. It’s like chasing a dream and I’m tired of it.” Fiore reflected.


“The relief is too transient. It’s not satisfying any more. What ever I do, where ever I go, I take myself with me.” Fiore realised.


The Sun paused and then whispered “Have you ever thought to go within? Seek inside yourself.”

“It’s too scary!” Fiore resisted.

“Give it a try…” The Sun encouraged.

After taking a deep breath, Fiore took the plunge.

 Inside yourself“Wow there’s a galaxy inside me!”GalaxyInsidee Fiore exclaimed

Many wonders await inside yourself…” The Sun radiated.

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