Scared of Change



‘Fiore the Flame’ wasn’t sure what was making him feel uncomfortable. He knew something wasn’t right but he couldn’t seem to put his finger on it. FioreGloom

SunSparkSeeing Fiore was despondent, the Sun shone though the clouds and gently asked…

“Do you really want things to be different?”

Fiore immediately responded “Yes!”


But as he sat with his response he recognised the same uncomfortable false note.

Maybe, just maybe he didn’t want to change. It was easy to change the circumstances of his life around him, but to solve his problems, he would have to change himself.

FioreNoFiore was scared of change.

Something in him didn’t want to change. But being stuck was making him uncomfortable.

He admitted to himself that ‘change is scary.’

It made him put the brakes on. Say ‘No’ or pull back from life.

He didn’t know whether it was fear of the unknown, fear of being hurt, or just old habits that he didn’t know how to break.

He couldn’t fathom how to make the transition.

Or even what the new way would look like.


Fiore needed help. Help to see a new way of being, the path towards it and the support to make it happen.

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